1win Bangladesh General Terms and Conditions

Rules for Accepting Bets

The maximum amount and coefficients for bets are subject to change by us, either up or down. A wager that exceeds the balance you have on your account will not be accepted. Once you place and confirm your bet, this amount will be taken from your account. If the wager is successful after it has concluded, the winning sum will be added to your account.

If you provide us false information about yourself, we have the right to void your bet. Also, we don’t take bets from minors.

Types of Bets

We provide two major types of bets:

  • Single. Single bets demand that players bet on specific occurrences, such as a specific player’s victory;
  • Express. Multiple Single bets are combined to create express bets. You can bet simultaneously on a number of different events.

Accepting Bets During the Game

One xpress bet can be created by combining the single bets we offer. On the other hand, live bets are accepted for both the primary and secondary outcomes. You won’t be able to alter the bet once it has been made. If you entered your bet amount incorrectly, we accept no responsibility.

Results of the match, as well as date and time

Inaccurate titles of leagues, tournaments, and championships, as well as the length of matches are not our responsibility. You have the right to confirm the precise dates using information from other outside sources. If a player places a bet on an outcome for which he already knows the outcome, the wager will be void.

Right of Request

Many nations forbid betting outright. By using our website, you immediately accept the terms of the 1win Agreement, which means that we are unable to provide any protection for the use of 1win in restricted areas. We have no intention of offering you services that are against international law.

Creation of a New Account

For complete access to our website and services, all gamers must have an account. Players must register by entering their email address, first and last names, phone number, etc., in order to open an account. You will later access your account using the username and password that you selected at registration.

In order to improve security and enable withdrawals, we ask our players to finish a verification process. We reserve the right to block or suspend your account if you are unable to produce the necessary documentation to prove your identity. You affirm that you provided complete and correct information about yourself when registering on the website, and you agree to update your profile as soon as any changes are made.


The name on your account registration must match the name on the credit card or other payment account used to deposit money into or withdraw money from your account balance since we require our bettors to give only legitimate information.

The list of papers that we demand from our participants includes:

  • evidence of identity
  • proof of address;
  • statement from a debit or credit card.

You automatically give us permission to release this information to third parties after you validate such information.

Password, user name, and security

After a player opens an account, it is solely their duty to keep their username and password private. In the event that you misplaced the information necessary to get into your account, you can restore it by selecting the “Restore password” button. In restoring the account, we could ask you for information that will enable us to verify that you are the account’s owner.


We have the following requirements for payments:

  • Your entire deposit must be genuine and free from fraud or theft;
  • You cannot refuse, deny or cancel any payments made that may be refunded to third parties.

We do not accept any deposits made into your account by friends, partners, or other third parties. Only payments made with your own bank card, or bank account are permitted. If this guideline is not followed, all of your earnings will not be paid out.