1win Bangladesh Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

The Company’s services, including those offered online and through mobile devices, and all websites it owns and operates are subject to the Privacy Policy. These will be referred to as “Websites” and “Services” throughout this Policy.

A person’s name, email address, mailing address, phone number, payment profile information, payment information, support requests, betting history, chat comments, etc. are all examples of personally identifiable information that is referred to as “Personal Information.”

There may be periodic changes to this policy. If there are substantial changes, we will let you know by sending you an email or posting a notice on the website.

2. Information that we collect and how it is collected

We collect and process your Personal Data when you use our services or visit our website. The following categories describe the various methods we gather data:

  • Information you voluntarily give us

We may ask you for Personal Information when you visit our website, use any of its features, or utilize our services. For instance, if you approach us with questions or support requests, we may ask for your contact information or specific documents as part of the registration, verification, and anti-money laundering or anti-fraud screening processes.

  • Automatic information collection

When you visit our website, we automatically log information about you, including your IP address, operating system, device type and settings, browser type and settings, trouble reports, system activity, and the date, time, and URL of the website that referred you to us. We can provide you with the highest caliber of service by using this information to better understand how you use our website and services. For instance, we can determine your language preference based on information from your browser.

Some of this data is collected via third party applications like Google Analytics, comparable tracking technologies, and cookies.

We also keep records of your account activity and the transactions you’ve had with us. 

From time to time, we might also obtain your personal data from other sources, like open databases or reputable outside parties, for instance, our payment service providers. We use this data to validate the Personal Information you submit and to help us better understand, personalize, and improve our Services.

3. The legality of processing your personal data

In accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, we only process Personal Data when there are legitimate reasons to do so. Such legal justifications include:

  • Fulfillment of a contract

If processing your personal data is required to carry out the ongoing contract, we may do so. For instance, you and we enter into a contract when you register on our website.

Some obligations are placed on us by various laws and regulations. To fulfill these commitments, such as to abide by anti-money laundering regulations, responsible gaming standards, and the conditions of our gambling license, we must process your personal information.

  • Direct marketing

We only use your consent to use Personal Data in certain limited circumstances, such as when it’s required for direct marketing.

4. How We Use Individual Data

  • To run our websites, to make sure they function properly, to deliver the services you bought, and for other purposes;
  • To create and manage your account and to confirm that you are eligible to use certain Services, including confirming your identity, age, location, or self-exclusion status; 
  • To uphold our obligations, liabilities, and responsibilities under the law, to adhere to the conditions of our gambling license, and to prevent illicit actions like match-fixing and money laundering;
  • To offer customer support, including help with addressing technical and payment issues as well as other problems with the websites or services;
  • To improve our websites and services, experiment with and create new features, and do technical research on our websites and services to enhance your interaction with them and give you better tools;
  • To safeguard network and information security, reduce risks, find and stop any fraudulent or malicious activity, ensure fair use of our websites and services, and ensure compliance with the Agreement; to prevent, identify, and report crime; and to safeguard you, other users, and us;
  • To gather and analyze data, to develop statistics, and to produce analytics and reports that are anonymized and aggregated for use internally, for public consumption, or for the benefit of third parties;
  • To carry out, oversee, and verify financial transactions;
  • To assess your own fraud risk and confirm your information with a third party, such as banking institutions, identity verification services, and credit reporting bureaus;
  • To assess your gaming behavior and make sure you’re playing responsibly;
  • To keep an eye on our game and control our opportunities and risks;
  • For the purpose of enforcing our rights under the Agreement or any contracts we have with you.

5. Sharing of Your Personal Information

Your Personal Information might need to be disclosed to a third party. Your personal information might be disclosed to:

o To third-party partners and service providers who help us deliver the websites and services you’ve requested, such as those who operate the websites and services or offer access to them, or those who promote our websites and services;

o To regulatory, law enforcement, government organizations, courts, fraud prevention organizations, licensing authorities, self-regulatory organizations for esports, or other third parties as we deem necessary to adhere to applicable laws and requirements or to enforce, establish, and protect our legal rights (we will notify you of such disclosures when possible and appropriate);

o Business partners or individuals who introduced you to us;

Others, with your permission.

6. Safety

We are committed to safeguarding your Personal Data and have put in place the necessary technical and organizational safeguards, such as:

  • Information encryption 

We use the industry standard TLS (Transport Layer Security) to encrypt all data we exchange with you in order to safeguard your personal and financial information (Transport Layer Security Protocol). Also, your data is kept on our servers and encrypted transmissions of it are made across data centers for backup and replication functions.

  • Limited accessibility 

Personal Data is only accessible to our employees, contractors, and agents that require it for processing.

  • Security on networks

A multi-layered security system that comprises firewalls, intrusion protection systems, and network segmentation guards against unauthorized access to our network space both internally and outside. Best practices are used to configure, operate, and maintain our security systems. To safeguard our systems, we collaborate with top security suppliers, benefiting from their knowledge and the threat intelligence they have accumulated.

  • Data centers with security

Our servers are housed in industrial-grade data centers with strong security measures to guard against unauthorized physical access to the protected servers. These security measures include on-site security guards, constant 24-hour monitoring, and surveillance, as well as regular security assessments. To reduce the possibility of data loss, we use geographically distinct copies of the data.

7. Data storage

We provide a number of services that let you update or remove information linked to or kept in your account. You can, for instance:

o Update the information you have on yourself,

o Shut down the conversation line, or

o Totally delete your account.

We will keep your account information for five years after your account is closed (if applicable), or after your last contact with us, in order to comply with legal and regulatory duties and to prevent any claims against us.

We may occasionally be required to keep certain information for specific purposes for a prolonged period of time due to business and legal requirements. For instance, as required by Responsible Gambling policy, we will keep a person’s Personal Information longer if they want to self-exclude from our Services.

For the following reasons, we might keep some data for longer:

o Safeguarding you, other people, and us against fraud, abuse, criminal activity, and unauthorized access, for instance, when someone is suspected of committing fraud, taking part in match-fixing, or money-laundering;

o Complying with financial requirements such as bookkeeping, tax laws, anti-money laundering policies, and other regulations, when engaging in financial transactions, including

obtaining your deposit funds;

o Adhering to any applicable law, rule, legal process, executive government request, or need to enforce agreements;

o Ensuring that our services continue to be available to you and other users.

We commit to protecting the privacy of your personal information and to collecting, using, and/or storing it in accordance with all applicable data protection laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU Regulation 2016/679 and other applicable International Data Protection Regulations (hereinafter “Data Protection Laws”).

8. Your rights

Your rights in connection to your personal data include the following:

  • To be aware of the personal data we store about you
  • Request a machine-readable copy of your personal data and have access to it, for example if you want it backed up.
  • Disagree with our use of your Personal Data. Please be aware that in cases where additional pertinent legitimate grounds exist or where processing of the data is required to protect our best interests and those reasons outweigh your rights, interests, and liberties, we may continue to process your personal information.
  • You may only request that we delete your Personal Data, including your account, if the following conditions are met: (1) We no longer require it; (2) You have withdrawn your consent to processing and your consent was the legal basis for doing so; (3) You have exercised your right to object and no other legal basis exists; and (4) Your Personal Data was processed with your consent illegally, (5) or its deletion is necessary to adhere to a legal requirement. 

Please note that we will not erase and continue to preserve the data, in particular if retention of the Personal Data is required to meet our legitimate interests that override your claim, to comply with legal requirements, or if it is necessary to form, exercise or defend against legal claims.

  • Make a request to us to limit how we can use your personal data.
  • If you previously consented to the processing of your personal data, you may withdraw that consent. Be aware that we may continue to process your Personal Data for further valid legal justifications.
  • Disapprove of consumer personality analysis and direct marketing (insofar as it relates solely to direct marketing). You can ask us to stop mailing marketing messages at any time by simply following the instructions in the message or by sending an email to [email protected].

By modifying your account settings or sending an email to [email protected], you can always exercise your rights.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are unhappy with how we handled your personal information. We’ll consider your request and make an effort to get back to you in a timely manner.